Which are the best Asian restautants in the UK?


The popularity of Asian food has exploded in the UK within the last ten years. On just about every high street up and down the country, you will find large restaurant chains next to smaller independent restaurant who are full of customers enjoying wonderful Asian food. Whether you prefer the cuisine of Thailand, China, Japan or Indonesia, there is a huge choice available these days which you would not have found just a few years back. Gone are the days when the only Asian food that people in Britain knew about was sweet and sour chicken. We now have wonderful, varied menus to choose from. but which well known restaurants serving this kind of food in the United Kingdom are the best?



You simply can not escape Wagamama these days because you will find one just about everywhere you go. The reason for their success is very easy to understand; They serve great, freshly cooked food with a smile. The menu is pretty varied and even people who have never tried Asian food before will find something to suit their tastes. From mild curry-like dished, to hot and spicy noodles and soup based meals, Wagamama have managed to get the balance right between western and Asian tastes, and that is why they are such a huge success. Their range of smoothies which are both healthy and tasty are also very popular with people both young and old. Also, a meal out here will not cost you a fortune, so affordability has definitely added to their success.

Red Chilli


This restaurant pride themselves on being experts in Beijing and Sichuan style dishes. If Wagamama is a little bit tame for you are you want something spicier, then the Red Chilli chain could be for you. They have restaurants in Manchester, Leeds and York, and have won awards for their food. The restaurants themselves a definitely more decorative than the plain and simple style that you will find at Wagamama, and if you want an Asian meal for a special occasion or just a night out, then here might be more suitable. Just some of the amazing dishes on the menu include Wonton dumplings in chilli oil soup, Claypot minced pork & prawn balls with winter melon soup and Stir fried baby cuttlefish.

Yo! Sushi


Yo! has been around for many years now and if you want a more casual dining experience then this might be the one for you. If you have been in any large shopping centre lately, you will have probably seen their conveyor belts zooming around with a selection of different sushi dishes that diners can grab. The format really took off when it was launched back in the 90s and the company is still going strong today. This is not the kind of place that you would take a date for a sit down meal, but if you want to get a bit of quick lunch and enjoy some fine Japanese dishes at an affordable price, you can not go wrong here.