Thai Food Cooking Tips: What You Need to Know


Craving for Thai food? Looking forward to cooking some? While the initial attempt may not be something as pictured or taste like the ones served in the restaurant, it’s important to never give up on cooking Thai food. Some Thai dishes are hard to do since they involve lots of ingredients and instructions.

Ingredients Matter

Ingredients play a critical role in Thai cooking. If one has experienced living in South-east Asia or specifically in Thailand, then seeking fresh Thai is never a problem. But if one lives outside Asia or Thailand, then finding even the most basic ingredients can be troublesome. This holds true if one is living outside the city.

The best approach to finding Thai ingredients is by going for the nearest Asian grocery store. Check out and see if they have the necessary ingredients available. If there’s zero possibility of landing fresh ingredients, go for canned or frozen versions. For a lot of people, frozen products are the next big thing after fresh food.

Kitchen Equipment

Thais frequently make use of a wok and pot in cooking a majority of their dishes (with desserts being an exception). When it comes to desserts, it’s recommended to go for a bronze wok (although not really a requirement). Other popular kitchen equipment includes a mortar and pestle.

If one plans to frequently make Thai food, having a mortar and pestle can be useful. If none are available, then using common kitchen tools such as a cutting board and a knife are great alternatives. Blenders or food processors are helpful in crafting pastes.


Dish Preparation

Preparation is essential in making Thai food. Thai food largely concentrates on a set of ingredients and preparation. One will spend a bulk of their time preparing Thai food than actually cooking them.

A Thai dinner would comprise around dishes. It could take a few hours prepping up the ingredients. Cooking takes around an hour or less.

There are a number of reasons why Thais spend their time preparing their dishes. For one, they like presenting their meats bite-sized. Vegetables take time to wash, slice, cut, and dry. Herbs and spices are pounded thoroughly as they’re mixed in most dishes served.

Certain desserts would need a lot of time to prepare. They would start things off by clearing leaves, cutting them, and crafting baskets.


Taste is Everything

When it comes to Thai cooking, an emphasis is placed in combining a set of ingredients together especially the fact that certain ingredients vary in terms of freshness, quality, and others.

Making Thai food may entail one to follow a recipe. But many frequently utilize it as a guideline in the tasting process. Taste vary from person to the next. Sometimes, the taste will vary according to the quality of ingredients or in certain occasions. Hence, the taste coming from the one making the dish may not meet the taste of other people eating it. Following each step in the recipe book is nothing bad, but when taste is involved, personal preference matters the most.

Some Thai dishes entail patience. But once one is familiar with the Thai ingredients, it’ll be a lot simpler to prepare and make Thai dishes.