How To Eat Out For Less

Eating out, whether in a Thai restaurant or at any other kind, is something that we should all do from time to time. Having a break from doing the cooking and letting someone else look after you is a great way to spend an evening, either with your family, friends or with your partner. The problem with dining in a restaurant is that it can be fairly costly if you do not watch what you are spending. That us why our resident money saving guru has compile a set of tips to help you save money when you dine out next.

1: Pick your day carefully

A lot of restaurants have one day of the week when they are not as busy as the others, and to make up for this hey offer discounts on that day. Before you decide to book a table somewhere, be sure to take a look at the restaurant website and find out if they have special deals on a particular day of the week. You may also find that if you go a little earlier, yo can get you meal for a fraction of the price that you would pay if you go after 7 or 8pm.


2: Choose you drinks carefully

One of the most expensive things when you are eating out is the cost of the drinks, although did you know that restaurants are not legally allowed to charge you for tap water. If you are on a very tight budget, instead of ordering bottled water, which can be very pricey, simply as them to bring you tap water. A lot of people do this nowadays and there is absolutely no reason to feel embarrassed about it at all.

3: Print out coupons

A lot of restaurants offer coupons to get a discount on your meal, and if you print them out or even show them to the staff on you phone, they are a great way to save money. It is a good idea to tell the waiter about the coupons that you have before you order you meal, just to make sure that they are still valid. The last thing that yo want is to order an expensive meals thinking that it is half price, only to be told that your coupon has expired. The best places to find restaurant coupons are Wowcher, Living Social and new coupon site


4: Skip starters and desserts

Another thing which can add a lot of money to you bill are starters and desserts. When we eat out, our eyes are often bigger than our bellies, so before you rush to order, make sure that you ask yourself if you are really hungry enough to eat it all. How many times have you ordered as dessert in a restaurant, only to find that you are far too full to manage it all? Also remember just how many calories you are saving be not having the extra food as well.

5: Make sure you don not tip twice

If the service has been good in a restaurant, it is only fare to offer the staff a tip, although often the service charge is automatically added to the bill. Make sure that you check on your bill whether this is the case or nor, otherwise you may find that you have given the staff twice as much as you intended to.